Summer Chaos

27 Jun 17 15 leave a comment

Sorry for the late update, again! It's been a chaotic month. I hope you'll understand :) Good news, my laptop is fixed and all is good again. I'm just glad that I've managed to backup all my stuff before it died on me.

There seem to be some kind of problems with the rewards link. If you know that you are receiving a reward but the link isn't working, please let me know and I'll send it manually. My apologies, I'm trying to fix it but you know me and codings, it'll take a bit of time :)

The Members' Favourite Deck is back again! You'll see the link under the Weekly section (Create A Deck) in the Games page. Even if you don't intend to collect the deck, your contribution will still get you some rewards. You can find all the details there.

Site Updates

Welcome new members! Thank you for joining! Your membercard should already be in your Member Area. Let me know if you have questions :D
New Members: Breanne
Congrats, you!
Level Up: Nina (Level 3), Bree (Level 3), Mary (Level 6)
Mastered: Mio (fantasticbeast-newtjacob), Nina (glee-tinamike, tangled-rapunzelflynn), Bree (13goingon30-jennamatt, thehungergames2-katnisscinna), Becca (atlantis-kidamilo, tvd-mikaelsonfamily, dc-harleyivy), Lex (daredevil-foggymatt, psych-shawngus, guardiansotg1-grootrocket, hp3-hermioneharry, pocahontas-pocahontasjohn), Adelicya (sherlock-maryjohn), Mary (guardiansotg1-grootrocket, beautybeast-bellebeast, hp3-hermioneharry), Mez (supernatural-samdean, tbbt-amysheldon), Pam (warehouse13-mykahg, angel-angelspike, jurassicworld-claireowen), Fina (gilmore-rorylane, friends-monicaphoebe, gilmore-roryparis, friends-monicachandler, thelegendoftarzan-janetarzan, tvd-stefandamon)
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Wishing Well

Time to grant some wishes! Max. 1 card/deck each wish please
Phynix : Re found my joy for space shows. I would love to give everyone choice cards that spell out the words FINAL FRONTIER!
Haylee : My pup's turning 1! I wish for cards spelling out CHARMING! :)
Nina : A card featuring a father figure. In celebration of fathers day.

New Decks

You may take 9 cards (Max 2 Cards/Deck).
If you've donated/suggested the deck, please take 1 extra card. You name will be on the Deck Page, if you've donated it.
Or use this latest randomizer to choose for you.

See you next week!