Half Way There

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22 JUNE : Sorry for the late update again. My computer broke down. And it was in the store for almost a week and is still there. I will get it back on Saturday or Monday. Thankfully, I have lots of stuff backed up in my external hard drive. I'm using my phone to write this but the update will come soon!


Hi everyone! Sorry for the late update. I should have wrote in the last update that I'm helping out with wedding decorations and the wedding was just a couple of days ago. I was quite tired and needed a short break. So sorry again but now I'm back here again.

Nothing new at this moment but I will add new decks here and there. Next week, another round of Members' Decks will begin.

Site Updates

Congrats, you!
Level Up: Phynix (Level 3), Mio (Level 4), Bree (Level 2), Haylee (Level 4), Pam (Level 10), Fina (Level 9), Mez (Level 7)
Mastered: Phynix (warmbodies-julier, killjoys-dutchjohn), Mio (lilo-lilostitch, tbbt-sheldonleonard, prisonbreak-michaellincoln, fantasticbeast-queeniejacob), Adelicya (sherlock-mycroftsherlock, supernatural-samdean), Elin (northsouth-margaretthornton, tarzan-janetarzan, thelittlemermaid-arieleric), Bree (thehungergames1-katnisspeeta), Mary (newgirl-jessnick), Haylee (oth-brookelucas, sleepingbeauty-auroraphillip), Pam (10things-katpat), Lexxi (daredevil-foggymatt, im3-peppertony), Elin (fantasticbeast-newtjacob, gossipgirl-blairchuck, tsom-mariacapvontrapp), Becca (adventuretime-jakefinn), Fina (tbbt-amypenny, tbbt-bernadettehoward, gilmore-rorylogan, tangled-flynnmaximus), Nina (pll-ariaezra), Lex (startrek-kirkspock, howlsmovingcastle-sophiehowl), Mez (friends-chandlerjoey, arrow-felicityoliver, beautybeast-bellebeast, fantasticbeast-newtjacob)
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Wishing Well

Time to grant some wishes! Max. 1 card/deck each wish please
Bree : She just graduated with a masters! Everyone take cards spelling MASTERS.(Congratulations, Bree!)
Lexxi : I wish for a Marvel deck to be released.
Nina : Cards spelling out "OITNB" since the new season is about to come out.

New Decks

You may take 9 cards (Max 2 Cards/Deck).
If you've donated/suggested the deck, please take 1 extra card. You name will be on the Deck Page, if you've donated it.
Or use this latest randomizer to choose for you.

See you next week!